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Texas 21 is a coalition of organizations whose mission is to save lives by preventing tobacco use.

About 95% of smokers start before age 21. In Texas, 10,400 kids become daily smokers every year. And one-third of them will die prematurely as a result.

Raising the tobacco sale age to 21 is an effective strategy to fight tobacco use and it’s gaining momentum nationwide. Six states (California, Hawaii, Oregon, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Maine) have raised their tobacco sale ages to 21, along with at least 340 cities and counties across the country. Now there’s an effort underway to do the same in Texas. Let’s get it done.

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Percentage of high school students in Texas who smoke cigarettes

Texas kids (under 18) who become new daily smokers each year

Texas kids (alive now) who will ultimately die prematurely from smoking

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April 24, 2017

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March 21, 2017

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February 15, 2017

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February 15, 2017



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